LCGB Conference 2016 Speaker Spotlight – Maureen Minchin

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Maureen Minchin BA Hons, MA (Melb); TSTC  Milk Matters AND Allergy and Immune Disorder in the Young Infant – Workshop

LCGB is proud, pleased and privileged to announce that inspirational Australian author Maureen Minchin has agreed to present her workshop and spread the word about her newly published book ‘Milk Matters, Infant Feeding and Immune Disorder’. She will lead small intimate workshops entitled “Allergy and Immune Disorder in the Young Infant” in different areas of Great Britain, offering the opportunity to interact with her more closely than is possible in the larger event offered by our annual Conference.

Maureen has been influential for decades, initially with her first book ‘Food for Thought’, and since the mid-80s, when her second book ‘Breastfeeding Matters’ became a required text for breastfeeding counsellors. ‘Milk Matters’ has come at a time when both Acta Pediatrica and the Lancet have published research showing the importance of breastfeeding for the health of both mother and baby, and together these three credible sources have given us information to strengthen our argument with the health profession, the government and society in general.

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Maureen Minchin Workshops – Allergies and Immune Disorder in the Young Infant