Committee photo taken at 2018 conference

LCGB is run by a team of motivated volunteers, the LCGB committee plans work that raises the professional profile of IBCLCs and ensures families receive the help they need to breastfeed. Many committee members have dedicated responsibilities, such as secretary, treasurer, NICE guidance co-ordinator, and website co-ordinator. The committee meets 4-6 times per year. The current LCGB co-ordinator is Zoe Faulkner.

We have various sub committees including awards committee, finance committee, website team and communications team.

Communications team:

The Communications team are tasked with raising the profile of LCGB and IBCLCs, by responding to media enquiries as well as writing proactively on breastfeeding issues. This team includes both committee members and LCGB members, so a great way of getting involved with LCGB without taking on a committee role, and the responsibilities that go with that. The communications team meet 3-4 times per year. This team is currently chaired by Shel Banks and Helen Gray.

The Website team includes both committee and ordinary members.

Awards committee:

Formed of a group of experienced committee members who allocate scholarships, bursaries as well as the “Outstanding contribution to Breastfeeding” awards. This group meets as and when required.

Finance committee:

This group is formed of the treasurer Cath Stone and two further committee members, who meet twice a year, with one meeting being open to a larger group of committee members in order to plan budgets.



We welcome contributions to the organisation from members and associate members and are keen to involve those on the pathway to becoming an IBCLC! Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Please contact us to find out ways you could get involved :

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