LCGB Chair Transition


Zoe Faulkner first became involved with LCGB when she was awarded an LCGB education grant to attend the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) conference in Australia. Following this inspiring experience, she wanted to show her appreciation by volunteering for LCGB. Zoe soon became chair of LCGB’s first Communications Team. This was a dynamic small group who implemented the commissioning, design and development of a new website, responded to media queries and national consultations, developed LCGB’s early social media and also led LCGB’s national advocacy activity in support of breastfeeding and the role of IBCLCs.

As the coordinator of Brighton’s peer support programme in her professional life as well as a member of the local breastfeeding specialist clinic team, Zoe has a deep understanding of the importance of multi-disciplinary working. Her dual position within the NHS also contributes to her understanding of the many facets of the IBCLC credential, as LCGB’s members work in all aspects of lactation and breastfeeding support, in the NHS, in the community, in research, in the voluntary sector, and independently. With Dr Gretl Finch, Zoe has conducted research into the many roles that IBCLCs play in the UK.

Zoe was appointed as Chair of LCGB in 2015, and under her leadership LCGB has transformed into a larger and more professional organisation, with a 50% increase in members. Zoe has steered LCGB through our successful registration as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Throughout the challenges of the pandemic, Zoe has provided steady leadership, leading the organisation on strategy and governance as well as helping to develop clinical and practical resources to support our members’ work during COVID19. She currently chairs the Breastfeeding Alliance’s joint working group developing an Infant Feeding Core Competencies framework.

Zoe was elected to the Board of the ILCA in July 2022, where she will apply much of what she has learned in her LCGB work and she will continue to support advocacy for skilled lactation care for the breastfeeding dyad.

“It has been a great pleasure to work with so many of my colleagues to further the aims of LCGB, advocating both for the importance of breastfeeding as a public health priority, and for the recognition of the IBCLC as a specialist credential in breastfeeding and lactation.  This shared effort has led to a real transformation of LCGB with our establishment as a registered charity (CIO) in 2020. This teamwork has never been more important than in recent years, supporting our members and steering the charity successfully through the pandemic. I am delighted to see LCGB is in a good position with a strong board of trustees for the next phase in its strategic development.

I will miss the teamwork of the board of trustees, but will continue to be a key member of a number of project working groups, and be available to act as an advisor and support to the board. “


Linda has served as LCGB’s Treasurer since 2019. She brings strong skills to LCGB as a qualified accountant, with almost 30 years of financial, governance and project management experience. She qualified as an IBCLC in 2016, having supported many vulnerable families in Hull with the award winning Goodwin Development Trust volunteer doula and peer support project since 2010; a project that was replicated in other cities in the UK. Linda also successfully campaigned with fellow volunteers to save the project in 2017.

Advocacy for families and the organisations that support them is Linda’s passion. She is also dedicated to supporting aspiring IBCLCs and helping to open the doors to accreditation to a diverse community of future IBCLCs.

“I am really excited to be moving into this role to support LCGB, through its progression and maturation as a charity. Building on the foundations that the organisation has created under Zoe’s tenure and ensuring that the vision and mission of LCGB are always in mind as we move forward. I know that I have big shoes to fill, I have a lot to learn and I bring a different skill set to the table. But I am confident that with my vision of leadership, the LCGB team has the skill and passion to support and drive LCGB going forward”