This funding reflects our commitment to reducing barriers to our profession in the UK, supporting aspiring IBCLCs, especially those who are not health professionals, and those from groups which are under-represented, thus encouraging greater diversity.

We will be looking for applicants who fulfil several criteria and our brief is to give preference to candidates working towards certification or re-certification.

We will also consider:

  • readiness to write about the experience of attending this event
  • involvement with LCGB, (or suggestions as to how you might become involved, and how much time you could commit)
  • evidence of offering support and benefit to breastfeeding mothers
  • whether this is offered on a voluntary basis
  • how the candidate will use the knowledge acquired at Conference

Eligibility requirements: these places are for those on the pathway to becoming IBCLCs, for re-registering IBCLCs and for breastfeeding supporters in special circumstances.

By completing this form you grant permission to the LCGB committee awarding the funding to make further enquiries and/or request a telephone interview in relation to this application.

Preference will be given to aspiring and renewing IBCLCs and applicants from under-represented groups, and applicants who contribute or are willing to contribute their time and effort towards furthering the aims of LCGB.

Please provide your contact information below.

Deadline for applications by 11th July 2023

Don't let the challenges of form filling hold you back. If completing the form to apply for a sponsored LCGB virtual Conference 2022 place might be challenging. We have someone, who is not on the Awards Team to help you.
For more information please contact .

The entry period for this LCGB offering has ended.