LCGB Knitted Breast The Pattern

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Download the patterns as printable PDF’s here. We have patterns for knitted and crocheted breasts in English and a Portugese translation of the knitting pattern.

“I just wanted to add a comment also to say thank you to LCGB for being so generous and making the knitting pattern so widely available to everyone.

Kind regards,
Lorraine C Worsley MBE DL, Managing Director. Countess Publicists Ltd

“I just wanted to send someone at the L.C G.B a note of thanks and photos, hope you do not mind me using your email address. I was given the challenge to knit the Boobs for the Maternity wing of the hospital where my daughter is a midwife and antenatal educator.
I gave up the serious colours and headed into bright and cheerful, and now the mid wing has one for each bed. I also made some for the midwives where I work, and everyone is thrilled with such a practical idea.
Thank you for the pattern and for what you are achieving.
As an ex midwife, Family & Child health Nurse- I am aware of problems and happy to help out in my almost retirement where needed.
Yours in Breast feeding”
Mavis Burgess, King Island , Australia

An email from California from someone who wanted to knit her great-granny a breast to comfort her after a mastectomy

“I am launching a volunteer project here in the US to provide women who’ve undergone mastectomies with the option of knit, crocheted or fabric prosthetic breasts (with a less ‘medical’ look to them, and an opportunity for these women to process their journey in color and texture, to express themselves, to feel feminine, strong, average, wild, balanced, or any other way they wish to express). In my research I have come across many references to breast models for lactation training in the UK.

I would like to offer volunteers the option to contribute their creations to organizations supporting new mothers as well as to the women who have undergone surgery.

Of course the breast models and the prosthetics are different is many ways, but I want to give the volunteers options and hopefully to keep them interested enough to participate beyond one or two items.”

“We have been using the knitted breast pattern available on your website to encourage volunteers to knit breasts for use in teaching mothers. We just wanted to acknowledge our thanks to your organization for making the pattern available online to everyone”

Emily Excell
Infant Feeding Co-ordinator at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston