November 18th 2022

Lactation Consultants of Great Britain (LCGB) stands in solidarity with all midwives, doulas, families and healthcare professionals in their national campaign “March with Midwives” which seeks immediate action from government to implement crisis management and resources to restore a failing maternity care system which is impacting every level of society.

It is clear that maternity services in the UK are in a state of emergency.

The latest MBRRACE report reveals that maternal deaths continue to rise and 30% of women reflect on their birth experience as traumatic.  The Health and Social Care Committee’s expert panel declared in July 2022 that there is “No credible government strategy to tackle the situation”.

Midwives continue to leave the profession resulting in dangerously low staffing levels nationwide. The RCM points out “Unprecedented pressure has compromised safety and there are simply not enough midwives “. Government promises are being forgotten while birth in the UK has become critically unsafe.

LCGB’s members support breastfeeding families within the NHS, in the community and in independent practice. Our members report that midwifery understaffing is impacting access to trained breastfeeding support for new families, which raises new questions about risks to infants and to public health.

We support our colleagues in their demand for immediate action from Government to

Listen:     Accept the Health and Social Care committee recommendations to increase resources with a workforce plan that increases retention and support for staff.

Fund :     An appropriate pay rise for midwives. Provide financial support for students and create posts for newly qualified midwives.

Enable:    The Women’s Health Strategy to be implemented improving quality and accessibility of services and information for all women.

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