Conference 2019 – Facebook highlights

LCGBLCGB Conference 2019, News

Our Social Media Team worked very hard over the two days of conference to bring you a round up of the talks. If you attended as a delegate you will appreciate that this is only the lightest of touch of what was covered in so much more depth during the conference – and you will be receiving the presenters’ handouts.

You can CLICK HERE to see our Facebook page and see ALL the posts from the conference, or click on the links below to go to specific Facebook posts and enjoy a flavour of the presentations.

And – hopefully see you all next year!

Laurel Wilson – Is Diet Important?

Laurel Wilson – Galactosemia, Allergy, and Lactose Intolerance

Helen Crawley – Infant Formula Marketing

Helen Crawley – Baby Food Marketing

Alyssa Schnell – Induced Lactation and Relactation

Alyssa Schnell – ReLATCHtation

Lyndsey Hookway – Sleep Myths, Truths and Dilemmas

Lyndsey Hookway – Demystifying Sleep