NBAW 2019 – Update from our Equity and Diversity Team

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For #CelebrateBreastfeeding Week, the LCGB Equality and Diversity team would like to share some of our work.

Supporting skilled breastfeeding support which incorporates cultural competency, is an essential part of the Code of Professional Conduct for all IBCLCs.

Three of our Founder Members, pictured in London in  2019

We are part of a multicultural country.

Parents and their babies can experience difficulties finding the help and support they need during their breastfeeding journey. It can make a difference to have someone from a similar background to help you with breastfeeding; someone who speaks your language, and understands your cultural traditions.

Since 2015, the LCGB Equality and Diversity team has been focusing on reducing barriers to the IBCLC profession among under-represented groups, especially from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities (BAME).

As 2019 marks 25 years of LCGB, we are pleased to announce our new “Founders’ Award,” to support LCGB Associate Members who have difficulties finding funding to become certified as an IBCLC.

LCGB recognises that within our profession we lack IBCLCs from a variety of communities and cultures, and we would like to increase those numbers.

For 2019, the Award fund is for up to £150 which can be used to purchase books or other resources, pay for online or in-person training, or put to other agreed appropriate use. Closing Date 5pm Friday 19th July.

The online application form will be added soon, however today by clicking the link you can access the printable Founders Award application form