Outstanding Achievement Award, 2017

LCGBLCGB Conference 2017, News

We areĀ pleased to announce that Clare Meynell and Helen Gray have been jointly awarded the LCGB 2017 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Breastfeeding.

Helen Gray and Clare Meynell receiving the LCGB Outstanding Achievement Award

This year’s award winners have facilitated and brought together many related breastfeeding organisations and driven forward a national system for assessing breastfeeding strategy, policy and support in the United Kingdom. They have liaised with both organisations and individuals and facilitated working together for the shared aim. The legacy of these connections and relationships will hopefully continue. Our Award winners were nominated in celebration of their persistence, determination and dedication in pursuing the first UK WBTi report. Their personal drive, hard work and commitment has taken the idea from its seedling stage, gathering a key working group around them, and bringing the project to completion, publication and presentation of the findings. It can now be utilised as a valuable tool to influence the decisions of policy makers in many areas.

The UK breastfeeding landscape will benefit from the WBTi Report, and our international colleagues have also been inspired and influenced to do their own WBTi report as a result of hearing about the UK project.

Congratulations to Clare andĀ Helen!

Left to right, Helen Gray, Clare Meynell and Zoe Faulkner