Application to LCGB Free Membership Scheme


Lactation Consultants of Great Britain LCGB is a registered charity which works to improve the health and wellbeing of families through advocacy and support for expert IBCLC breastfeeding care.
LCGB’s Core Values are –
1. Every mother and baby, every family, has the right to evidence based breastfeeding information and support appropriate to their needs.
2. LCGB members advocate for this right to evidence based information & support
3. LCGB will advocate for the role breastfeeding plays in reducing inequalities and health disparities.
4. LCGB will support IBCLCs to maintain excellence in standards of professional practice.
To ensure we fulfil these, we need to ensure LCGB’s membership truly represents the richness and diversity of our nation, and that all those who aspire to achieve the highest skills to support families with lactation and feeding their babies feel they have a place within LCGB and the support to go on to become an IBCLC.
We are therefore offering a number of Free Memberships of LCGB. These will be awarded on the basis of the information you provide on the application form below. Free Memberships will start from 1st September 2020, until Jan 2022, and may be extended until Jan 2023.
LCGB are particularly interested in hearing from those who may be –
● Working in areas with high levels of deprivation and/or health inequalities
● Those who have a low disposable family income
● Single parents
● BAME applicants
● Those who face personal barriers including disability or health issues
● Those living in areas of the country with few IBCLCs, or access to specialist breastfeeding support
● LGBTQ+ applicants
● Those who speak a language of a minority group in the UK, or BSL
The above is not an exhaustive list. Please include in your application any further barriers affecting your ability to progress as an IBCLC

Applications open until Sunday 6th September. Applicants will be notified by email by 30th September.

The application period has now passed.